In addition to providing the most competitive wholesale travel rates in the industry, Traveler’s Guild provides an innovative technology suite that gathers all the back-end operations for an online travel agency in one place.

Traveler’s Guild members can start a brand new online travel agency, or sign up as a conglomerate – bringing a number of travel agencies and/or individuals into the TG network. All Traveler’s Guild members receive the TG seal of quality on their websites. 

TG members can add their GDS and pre-existing travel suppliers to their accounts, as well as customize their combination of our services. The bigger the Guild network grows, the wider the range of opportunities for our members. 

Through our interface, TG members can book travel at highly competitive wholesale rates for their customers and add their own mark-ups. The following bookings are currently represented in the Traveler’s Guild package: 

  • More than 600,000 hotel queries around the world 
  • All IATA airline and non-IATA airlines 
  • Endless excursions in major cities and locations worldwide including tours and day trips 
  • Infinite travel packages created by Guild members 

Our system provides: 

  • Website templates 
  • Travel bookings search engine 
  • Accounting services 
  • Human resources services 
  • Call-center services 

Traveler’s Guild combines insider access to travel industry rates with technology tailored for streamlining daily business operations.

Include outside suppliers
Itegrate GDS**
Add excrusions and tours
Add hotels and carriers
Add travel agency**
Add brokers/ home office
Add own mark-ups
Add airline incentives
Add corporate clients
Back office software***
Segment kick-backs
Airline incentives
Discounted bookings
TG SYSTEM165,000 EUR2,500 EUR1,650 EUR/year

* Additional fees apply
** Additional fees apply if adding more than one travel agency
*** Can be bought separately and is customisable according to client preferences and needs
N.B. All packages are subject to an annual 10% maintenance fee. Please enquire within to see if you qualify for a discount.