Traveler’s Guild encompasses a growing network of online travel agents, powered by cutting edge technology and influential connections.


"A global professional travel and tourism community that provides reliable, secure and easy bookings; facilitating and empowering the industry. The trusted source."


TG will provide all it's members instant global travel access through an easy online portal for booking and reservations, acting as the backbone support system for all travel agents, in aims to revive the industry. We'll lead with innovation to make it easier for you.


Traveler’s Guild is the brainchild of Mr. AlKharafi, a travel agent and businessman. The idea has been born out of over 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

Decades ago, Mr. Eyad AlKharafi had been in the swing of the travel business, growing his clientele and reach when he had to sit up and pay attention to a new contender in his business – the Internet. More and more potential clients were going online to make their bookings. 

Soon AlKharafi realized he had to take his business online – all of it. The travel industry is being heavily impacted as we move through the Digital Revolution and into the Information Age. He began to build a comprehensive online system for running his travel agency – he moved his finance and human resources departments online, tracking his agencies’ costs, spending and employees. As he bought, sold and made profits online from airline tickets and hotel reservations at wholesale prices, he realized – this was an idea to sell worldwide. 

Mr. AlKharafi’s idea started to develop and to mature into what it is now known as Traveler’s Guild. He tested the different TG phases within his organizations to explore the potential of this new venture. With the help of his team, he began a series of research tests to identify and integrate state of the art technology into customer needs, growing the scope and efficiency of the travel industry business. 

As R&D went forward, AlKharafi was finally able to introduce TG to the market and get customer feedback. This has helped to develop the array of features created for the successful travel agent in today’s world. 

The more travel agents that band together, the more competitive we will be – if you can’t beat them, join them. And so, Traveler’s Guild was born.

At the core of the TG revolution is an ever-expanding set of unbeatable travel rates. TG works on a business-to-business model, providing an innovative back office system for use by small and large travel agencies and tour operators wishing to take all or some of their business operations online. 

We provide a comprehensive set of services. Members are able to use TG software to build a website for their online travel agency, managing their own staff and finances and providing customer service. TG ‘Circuit of Trust’ members will have access to a wide range of travel suppliers around the globe.

By joining Traveler’s Guild, our members will manage their bookings including flights, hotels and other services, which enhances their reliability and widens their reach. TG provides access to the most competitive rates in travel through a comprehensive chain of global suppliers. The TG network is an added value to any travel agent, small or large. If you can’t beat them, join the Traveler’s Guild.

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